Grants to come to MIV

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Fri, 13/10/2017

Timely registrations for MIV close at midnight on 25 November. To avoid a late fee, you must register and pay your $50 deposit.

We're continuing to work hard to make MIV as accessible as possible to all, but did you know there are also grants that you or your choir could apply for?

For example ROCS, managed to secure a $500 grant from RMIT Link Creative Funding to help send ROCS members to MIV. They'll be using these funds to help send freshers and concession holders to MIV.

We thoroughly recommend that you get in touch with Clubs and Societies at your University to determine if any similar grants exist that your choir apply for to help get your members to Melbourne.

But what if your university doesn't offer grants for this?

Many local councils offer grants to individuals to attend events like MIV. While most councils focus on individuals participating in sporting events, we've journeyed through a jungle of local government jargon to find as many grants as possible that individuals (particularly young people) may be eligible to apply for to represent their choir at MIV.

Take a look at the Individual Government Grant Opportunities List to see if you may be eligible. Most grants are open year round and just need to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

If you believe you are eligible and want help completing an application please contact us.